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Realizing Your Potential Everyday

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What Is RYPE?

RYPE is a 501c3 organization committed to bringing women and adolescent girls of color together to develop healthy well-being habits through the sport of triathlon. Our programs combine comprehensive training plans, skill and nutrition clinics, and a fun, nurturing atmosphere to empower each member to persevere, overcome and realize their potential to be the best version of themselves. And through this pursuit, we become an inspiration for others in our community to follow suit. Ready to join the movement?


Let's get HYPED 2b RYPE! 

Why Do We TRI?

A triathlon is a multiple-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines; traditionally swimming, cycling and running. Crossing the finish line requires that you follow a comprehensive training plan, fuel your body with the right foods at the right time, and develop an emotional and mental toughness to persevere through it all.

So why TRI? Well, because RYPE believes there are few things more empowering than crossing the finish line of a triathlon! That one moment can unlock mental barriers that limit us from being all that we have the potential to be. The personal development gained from mastering what it takes to get your race bling translates to every aspect of a woman’s life. And becoming a part of the triathlon community provides a way to socially connect with other strong women who braved their way to becoming a Triathlete.

To swim, then cycle, then run…in immediate succession…provides a badge that says you are powerful and RYPE!

As I continued to cross finish lines and experience the same empowering emotions every single time, I noticed that I did not see faces that looked like mine. And fully understanding the challenges of being a woman, specifically a black woman in this society, I wanted to see more women of color participating…using the empowerment of this sport to positively influence every aspect of their life. 

Michelle Grady, Founder


Designed to cultivate a community of women of color triathletes that lead healthy lifestyles and serve as examples and mentors to new triathletes

RYPE Girls

Designed to introduce triathlon to young girls in grades 7-12 and build a pipeline of women of color junior triathletes to compete at the collegiate level.

Our Programs


RYPE was an opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone of just doing sprint distance triathlons and taking my body to a different level. It allowed me to do something that I thought I would never be able to accomplish. It also allowed me to train with other inspiring women who were not only training partners, but became long-long friends. I have grown in the work of triathlon, and RYPE gave me the opportunity to go from doing a spring triathlon to competing in a full Ironman. For that, I will forever be grateful. And now I am an example of how training hard in a community of supportive women allows you to accomplish any goal you put your mind to. 

Crystal H., Team RYPE

Our Partners

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