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  • How do I join Team RYPE or RYPE Girls?
    It’s easy! Fill out the contact form for the program you want to join, and we’ll connect with you on upcoming events, how to connect with the RYPE community and next steps! Team RYPE – (Link to Contact Form RYPE Girls – (Link to Contact Form)
  • Is there a fee to join Team RYPE?
    Annual membership for Team RYPE is $75. Race registration and apparel incur and additional costs, if you are interested in participating and wearing RYPE gear.
  • Is there a fee to join RYPE Girls?
    We charge a registration fee of $50 for the RYPE Girls program to cover administration costs. However, participants get a ton of free gear, including a RYPE Girls triathlon suit!
  • Do I need to have experience in triathlons or other races in order to join Team RYPE?
    The Team RYPE triathlon club is committed to providing its members with an encouraging, supportive, and empowering experience. We provide easy-to-follow training plans and skills clinics needed to helpp you maintain triathlon fitness and allow you to comfortably compete in multisport events. With that in mind, we ask that each member to possess the following: - Comfort swimming 4 lengths of the pool . It doesn’t have to be pretty; we can work on that! However, we are not a learn-to-swim program. - Comfort riding your bike on open roads, and able to maintain a speed of 12mph over a 30-minute ride. You don’t have to possess the skill of Major Taylor, but we want to ensure everyone’s safety on training rides and during clinics. - Comfort run/walking 20-minutes
  • Does Team RYPE provide coaching?
    No. Team RYPE is a triathlon club that provides members with easy to follow training plans that have been developed by certified coaches. They are designed to help you maintain triathlon fitness and allow you to comfortably compete in supported multisport events. We highly encourage you to work with a coach if you have specific needs requiring a training plan designed for you. Then Team RYPE can provide a fun, competitive and safe environment for you to train in!
  • What if I already have a triathlon coach, is there value in joining Team RYPE?"
    Absolutely there is! We think its great that you have specific goals that you are trying to reach! But training alone can be a drag….and unsafe. Team RYPE provides a great community of like-minded ladies who you can help you be accountable. We partner with local experts in swimming, cycling and running to deliver skill clinics to help you hone your technique. And our educational clinics provide the information you need to fuel right, get mentally tough and stay injury free.
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