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Inspire, educate and support women of color on their journey toward living a healthy lifestyle.


To build a nationwide team of women of color triathletes who compete, complete and have fun!



We believe in the power of crossing the finish line.


Building an inclusive community that supports athletes' needs and builds lasting relationships.


Every team member, regardless of age, physical ability, level of experience or demographic profile, is provided with the same level of encouragement and kindness.


Focus on what makes us better humans, not faster; shaping our character to positively impact those around us.

Women Who Run

Realizing Your Potential Everyday (RYPE) is a 501c3 organization committed to inspiring and empowering women of color to compete in the sport of triathlon. RYPE provides a nurturing space for members to learn about, train for and compete in multi-sport activities. Our members range in experience from novice swimmers, cyclists and runners to full IRONMAN 140.6 finishers, each looking to mentor and support new athletes on their journey to the finish line. 

Our formula for success involves:

  • Offering comprehensive physical training programs in the triathlon sports
  • Educating participants about proper nutrition and sport techniques/dynamics

  • Cultivating a community of support for triathlete participants

RYPE offers two programs:

  • Team RYPE – Designed to cultivate a community of women of color triathletes that lead healthy lifestyles and serve as examples and mentors to new triathletes
  • RYPE Girls – Designed to introduce triathlon to young girls in grades 7-12 and build a pipeline of women of color junior triathletes to compete at the collegiate level

At RYPE we celebrate the empowerment found in the sport of triathlon, so our vision is to create a community of women, of all ages, who want to just TRI it! The sport embodies physical, mental and emotional wellness, and we think that this is an invaluable tool for woman.


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