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TRI-ing Takes You Places

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What is RYPE Girls?

Are you a young lady in grades 7 – 12 who wants to try something new and challenging, all while making new friends and becoming a healthier you inside and out?

RYPE Girls specializes in nurturing young girls’ goals of completing a triathlon by crushing barriers they of inflict on themselves.

As a RYPE Girl, you are led through the training process by a group of mentors, many of whom are triathletes who want to share their inspiration and motivation. They guide and encourage you at members-only swim, cycle and run clinics.

Along the way, you will challenge and better yourself by getting healthy, gaining self-confidence and self-esteem and developing relationships with like minded girls throughout the Queen City community. Each season ends with a celebration of all of our achievements!

Registration is closed for the 2021-2022 season but sign up to get on our mailing list and learn when registration will open again.

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Why Join RYPE Girls?

One thing I loved when I went into the triathlon organization at 13 was the sisterhood. I had no idea what i signed up for. All I knew was my friends and mom made me do it considering the face that I was dealing with very bad depression. After I joined, I must say I was very pleased. RYPE not only made me feel loved, but taught me how to train correctly in terms of diet, mental mindset, and communication on the road. I am now almost 16 and definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone from ages 12 – 79! Come to RYPE and see what we are all about! Have a blessed day!

~ Victoria B., RYPE Girls

RYPE Girls Program

RYPE Girls isn’t just about discovering and learning the sport of triathlon, it’s also about learning how to compete in life.

Our program provides the skill training, education, and mentoring needed to successfully complete a triathlon, and a nurturing environment that encourages complete wellness. Our community and collegiate partners lend their expertise to topics like bike usage and maintenance, athlete nutrition, and provide exposure to collegiate varsity racing.

Each RYPE Girl will receive:
Weekly team training 

Online training plan and workout log
RYPE Girls goodies!
Access to members-only discounts at various businesses

All of this in a safe environment with experienced coaches and the support of a sisterhood!

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RYPE Girls Requirements

The RYPE Girls program is committed to providing its junior athletes with an encouraging, supportive, and empowering experience. We provide the required training needed to get each young lady across the finish line. With that in mind, we ask that each young lady possess the following: 

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Ability to swim one lap unassisted
(any stroke)

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Ability to ride a bike comfortably

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Ability to run/walk for 10 minutes

Aside from that, we require a positive attitude, “can-do” spirit, and a will to have fun!

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